Best Mattresses for Hip Pain 2021

Best Mattresses for Hip Pain

What we refer to “hip pain” is the pain caused in reality by the joint, located precisely above your femur and made of cartilage, which prevents friction between the bones. With time, as it happens often with other joints as well, the cartilage gets overused and may wear down, leading to hip pain.

Discomfort is very annoying and can even reach some more painful stages, and medication as well as exercise in the case of arthritis are advised. You might feel particularly sore, especially when you wake up from bed. Luckily, there is a solution for this problem: a good, high-quality mattress.

If the pain is related to the bed you sleep in, then a new, luxurious one will completely change your life for the better. If it is not directly associated with your bed, a premium mattress will make the difference anyways, alleviating the pain from your joints and giving you some well-deserved relief.

Causes of Hip Pain at Night

We anticipated before that the pain could be caused by different elements. Let’s analyze the three main ones.

Wrong Mattress

One of the main reasons you wake up in a bad mood and sore all over is certainly the condition of your mattress. For a variety of reasons, namely bad materials used by the manufacturer and/or time, the mattress loses its capacity to deliver full comfort and support as it should. Your body will not meet all the favorable conditions that let it perfectly rest and refresh itself, leading to sleeping in uncomfortable positions that will affect your joints, back, neck, etc.

Sleeping Position

Another big factor that has definitely a say in your hip pain is the position you sleep. Of course, you might not realize it precisely (you’re asleep, after all), but oftentimes the position, or at least the way we fall asleep, will resemble the ones we have as soon as we wake up. Try to understand whether you go to sleep nervous, or anxious, or tense, and try to relax. Put yourself in a comfortable position, make sure your neck is slightly above the rest of the body and that the spinal cord is straight, regardless of the position you have taken (e.g., on your back, on the side). You will notice how, the next morning, a little bit of pain will be vanished. A new, quality mattress will take care of the remaining pain you might feel.

Health Conditions

Finally, if you suffer from arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, or other health diseases involving the area around the hip, it is quite probable that you will wake up feeling achy because of your condition. What is more, your body might rest in bad positions while you sleep, making the pain even worse. Clearly, a mattress won’t solve all your problems, but what it can do is alleviate the hips ache while sleeping and allow your body to get a good night of rest. It could give the support your spine needs, as well as mitigate the overuse of your hip joints.

Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid

Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid


A luxury hybrid mattress with advanced cooling technology is what you need if you have trouble with your sleep due to hip pain. The layers and covers this mattress is made of will perfectly meet the lineaments of your body to give you the relief and support you need and expect from a top best mattress for back and hip pain.

  • Price Range: $800 – $1700
  • Mattress Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: 3 (soft), 5 (medium), 7 (firm)
  • Warranty: 10 years

Pros and Cons

+ Three different firmness you can choose from so that everyone has the possibility to go for the perfect one. If you can’t decide, a medium firm should be just fine.

– 10 years of warranty is good but not that much: other companies offer more.


The mattress is composed of six layers. The CopperFlex™ foam contours your body with targeted pressure point relief, while TitanCool™ keeps skin temperature at a cool 88 degrees, the indicated ideal one. The Ascension X® coils at the base are individually encased and will minimize sleep disturbance by limiting motion alongside the mattress.

What Makes It Good

TitanFlex™ and the Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam, the second and third layers, are the ones that will provide you premium comfort, adapting to your body and offering relief to your joints, back, and shoulders.

Helix Luxe

Helix Midnight Luxe


With its luxury hybrid design, it is no surprise the Midnight Luxe is considered the best mattress for platform bed by many experts. Among the best mattresses for back and hip pain, modern technology and their Luxury Memory Foam make it just perfect for sleeping the happiest dreams of all.

  • Price Range: $895 – $2050
  • Mattress Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: 5 – 6 (medium)
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

+ Luxury Memory Foam is a fantastic technology that works on the traditional memory foam and makes it better.

+ Ultra Breathable Tencel for increased airflow.

– Only a 100-night sleepy trial. We know you can do better!


The mattress is specifically designed to provide you pain relief, and cooling feels thanks to Tencel Airflow Technology. Being among the premium line of Helix mattresses, it contains absolutely no chemicals and features various layers all aimed at providing stability and comfort. Firmness is fixed and ranges from 5 to 6 on a scale.

What Makes It Good

It has a medium feel, but it is especially good for side sleepers as it features a luxury memory foam that will work on removing pressure points and keep the pain away from your shoulders and hips. Perfect also for those who move and turn a bit more than average while sleeping.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress


With its five layers of comfort, Nectar offers a mattress which keeps you cool at night, minimizes motion transfer and helps reduce pain, soreness, and other types of discomfort, so the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain.

  • Price Range: $500 – $1400
  • Mattress Type: all Foam
  • Firmness: 6.5 (medium-firm)
  • Warranty: Forever Warranty™

Pros and Cons

+ A 100% risk-free 365-night trial at home, meaning that you can try it for a whole year and then eventually return it.

+ Allows the spine to be better aligned on any body type thanks to the adaptive memory foam.

– Because it has a medium firm, it might not be the best for heavy sleepers.


The Nectar is made of five layers. The first is the one that ensures the mattress stays firm and steady on the bed frame. The base layer stabilizes the memory foam, reinforcing support.

The third is an adaptive response transition layer, with the aim of providing the perfect support for your back, and the gel memory foam makes sure your weight is equally distributed on the mattress.

What Makes It Good

The mattress minimizes motion transfer so that each area of it is independent from the other (so that when you get up, you don’t wake your partner!), which is simply great.

The Botanical Bliss

Botanical Bliss


Handcraft in the USA and made with organic, GOTS certified latex, comfort, and wool, it is recommended by every doctor, many orthopedics, and chiropractors as one of the best mattresses for fibromyalgia sufferers, as it provides luxurious support, comfort, and pressure point relief.

  • Price Range: $1050 – $2050
  • Mattress Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium or firm
  • Warranty: 25 years

Pros and Cons

+ Two thickness and firmness options, alongside nine different sizes, so that you truly choose what is best for you.

+ The possibility of slightly changing firmness by just swapping the top and medium layers of your mattress.

– Only a 100 nights trial. Some companies offer much more.


Best mattress topper for hip pain, the Botanical Bliss from Plush Beds is outstanding when it comes to the quality of the materials used, all of them holders of important certificates such as GOLS, GOTS, GreenGuard, and FSC. Plush Beds have your health as a priority, as not only is it anti-microbial and dust mite resistant, but it is also incredibly cool and makes a terrific job at providing soothing pressure relief. Therefore, this might be the best mattress for chronic pain.

What Makes It Good?

The premium quality materials are definitely our answer, as they are one of the most important elements that will radically change the way you sleep. For a healthier, happier awakening.

Best Mattress for Hip Bursitis

Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic


The classic flagship hybrid innerspring mattress from Saatva, it is the perfect choice for platform beds. They specifically offer an array of bed bases that work wonders with the Saatva Classic and recommend the platform one if you are looking for a low-profile bed with a modern look and that does not require any foundation.

  • Price Range: $800 – $1800
  • Mattress Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: 3 (soft), 5 – 7 (medium) and 8 (firm)
  • Warranty: 15 years

Pros and Cons

+ Patented spinal support technology to say goodbye to back and joint pain.

+ Approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations.

– Being hybrid, it is not as “hugging” as with mattresses made completely of foam.


It provides exceptional comfort and durability thanks to the high quality of the materials used, many of them eco-friendly (CertiPUR-US® foams, certified organic cotton, recycled steel coils), and the way they are assembled. Durability is given by the support coils, while comfort is provided by the foam layers. The Saatva Classic is probably the best mattress thickness for a platform bed nowadays.




The mix of memory foam and innerspring coils are designed in the best way possible to give you comfort tonight and for a long time as well, since you can be sure it won’t sag for many, many years.

  • Price Range: $600 – $1100
  • Mattress Type: hybrid
  • Firmness: 6.5 (medium)
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

+ Medium firmness so that you can make everyone happy.

+ Stay-put technology, which allows you to get up or move without waking your partner up.

– Since it’s hybrid, it’s a bit heavier compared to others.


A best mattress for shoulder pain, DreamCloud is a high-quality, award-winning mattress, classified as the best hybrid one on a few occasions in 2020. It is made of four layers plus a cover soft to the touch, all designed to give you the pressure relief and coolness needed. All materials used are premium and certified by CertiPUR-US®, free of mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and more.

What Makes It Good?

The gel memory foam is fantastic at pressure relieving, and waking up with aches or soreness is a thing of the past when you purchase the DreamCloud mattress.

Layla Memory Foam

Layla Memory Foam


Among the best mattresses for platform beds, the Layla Memory Foam mattress is the optimal choice when it comes to this brand. It is advertised as an antimicrobial cooling mattress, and it does its job indeed, even winning a couple of important awards in 2020.

  • Price Range: $500 – $1000
  • Mattress Type: memory foam
  • Firmness: 3 – 4 (medium – soft)
  • Warranty: lifetime warranty

Pros and Cons

+ Very good quality-price ratio, with accessible prices for what is offered.

+ Utilises copper gel, naturally an antimicrobial barrier, so that your mattress is always free of bacteria, cool, and fresh.

+ Both a soft and a more firm mattress. You can flip it and choose the side you prefer.

– The foam responds slower compared to other mattresses in the market.


What is quite impressive from such a mattress is the flippable firmness®, a revolutionary option that gives you the possibility to choose whether tonight you prefer a soft or a firm side by simply flipping it over.

What Makes It Good

The two upper and lower sides of the mattress are made differently. Both have the same characteristics and bonuses (Thermo-Gel cooling technology, zipper for easy removal); however, one is dedicated to side sleepers, the other for stomach and back ones.

What Mattress Type is Best for Hip & Shoulder Pain?

Hips and shoulders are probably the most affected by a mattress made of low quality materials and poor design, not aimed at relieving pressure and creating comfortable layers to let your body find its correct place away from all kinds of stress.

There are a lot of mattresses that instead focus on these last aspects; however, the choice is so vast you might find yourself lost. If apart from the list above, you want to know more about what type could be considered the best mattress for shoulder pain, as well as hips ache, then we must tell you the answer is not easy: when it comes to sleeping, much depends on personal preferences.

However, there is one option that might be better than the other. And that is a hybrid type, combining the softness of memory foam, or latex layer, with the support only a pocket spring mattress is able to provide. In this way, you will experience that fantastic sensation of being completely hugged by layers that adapt perfectly to your body, and at the same time, you will receive the support needed to keep your spine, back, shoulders, and hips in perfect shape.

What to Look for in Your Mattress

The type of mattress you choose is not the only thing to keep in mind when shopping for the best mattress for back and hip pain. There are a few other factors to consider, here they are.

  • Quality of the materials. You have the absolute right to know what has been used to make the product you could potentially buy. Most top manufacturers design and build their products with high quality materials only, and you will often see them showcased on their website.

Always look for certificates and proof that what you will be sleeping on is not made of harmful chemicals, and preferably aim at eco and sustainable mattresses that are good not only for you but for the planet as well.

  • Coolness is given by the mattress. Of the most important things to look for in a mattress, the level of coolness it is able to give is of fundamental importance. Always try to go for the one with technology able to keep you cool and free all night long and absorb the heat so that you don’t experience any annoying problems with moisture or high temperatures.
  • Foundations supported by the bed. If you already own a bed foundation and are looking to buy one of the best mattresses for back and hip pain, we talked about above, then make sure they are compatible with each other. As an alternative, most companies offer interesting sales that give you the mattress plus a new foundation at an advantageous price.

Tips For Relieving Hip Bursitis Pain

Hip pain is very annoying, but apart from having a good mattress, there are also some other tips to relieve it, especially during the day. Here are some ideas.

  • Exercise, better if in the morning. There is no need for something difficult, or to break the sweat or long sessions at the gym. A bit of stretching to start your morning will bring great benefit to your entire body, as well as make you feel energized for the entire day. There are specific exercises designed especially for those suffering bursitis pain, and they really help.
  • Cool inflammation. If your joint is inflamed, it might be very painful. To cool it down and find some relief, we advise you to use some ice or cold object for several minutes, even a quarter of an hour. Remember to pack the ice around a towel or cloth before applying it to the inflamed part.
  • Strengthen your inner thighs. They have a lot to do with your hips pain, as they are those muscles supporting the hips, and if you exercise them effectively, then they will help you deal with the pain. Pilates is really helpful in these cases too.
  • Work out in the water. Incredibly effective to strengthen your joints and make them work better. Working out in the water, doing aerobics, or simple exercises better if coordinated by an expert, help improve your muscles strength without putting too much pressure on your hips, which might worsen their condition.
  • Avoid too intense activities. Jogging or jumping might make your condition worse, so it is preferable you choose to do other activities instead, like going for a simple walk.
  • Lose weight. Now, we don’t want you to go on a diet and lose weight unnecessarily just because you read that on the internet. However, if you feel like you are not in your optimal weight and, on top of that, duffer from hip pain, then you will see how exercise and movement will lead to weight loss, which will, in turn, help relieve a bit of the pressure applied to the joint.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Fastest Way to Heal Hip Bursitis?

Hip bursitis cannot be easily healed, but they can surely be relieved. It definitely depends on the type of pain you are feeling, but generally, the best advice we can give to quickly feel some ease is to apply something cold to the place you feel the pain coming from.

How Do You Sleep Comfortably With Hip Bursitis?

The best way to sleep comfortably if you suffer from this condition is to find on the market the best mattresses for back and hip pain and bring it home. If you try it for the period of time conceded by the manufacturer risk-free, you will feel instant improvements. A good mattress works wonders in giving you the comfort and stability needed for your joints to feel relief night after night. Your back and shoulders will be thankful, as well.

Can a Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

Yes, it absolutely can, if it isn’t a high-quality one and made of bad materials. You may even notice it yourself: if you don’t own a premium mattress designed specifically for your comfort and hips health, then you might wake up everyday feeling a bit sore. Such a feeling could also come from a mattress very old: after their service time, usually between 7 and 10 years for an average mattress, they naturally start to wear off and lose their ability to help you maintain joint relief.

A luxurious mattress will, too, meet its fate but will last way more compared to the average ones and, most importantly, will not at all cause hip pain. Quite the contrary, actually. They are aimed especially at removing or relieving the factors that cause you the pain.


Hip, back, or shoulder pain can be incredibly annoying and quite painful. The reasons you are experiencing it can be many and varied, and it is hard to find a quick and easy solution to it. There are tips to find some relief and aid, both in short and in the long run; however, we feel like one of the major causes, as well as the best possible help, come from the same place: your bed. A low-quality mattress can produce hip pain or worsen your condition; a high-quality one, instead, can solve the problem or, at least, alleviate it.

That is why buying a new; top mattress might be one of the best choices you can take when experiencing this type of pain. You can check out one of the examples we listed before or find your perfect mattress following the tips we mentioned in our article. Certainly, you fell to find the one that will greatly improve your sleep and rest.

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